Pawas is a quaint village about 20 kms from Ratnagiri. Pawas is an important pilgrim center owing to Shri Swami Swarupanand - a spiritual leader who influenced an entire generation of Maharashtrians and his Samadhi mandir which is visited by thousands every year.
Ratnagiri is a great holiday destination with numerous sightseeing options around Ratnagiri. Ganpatipule one of the best beaches in Maharashtra is 25 kms from Ratnagiri via the 'Sagari Mahamarg' The route passes through the twin beaches of Aare and Waare and the Aare sunset point.

Jaigad fort is 12 kms further ahead of Ganpatipule. A 20 km drive on the opposite side will get you to Pawas famous for Shri Swami Swarupanand Samadhi Mandir.

Jaigad Fort
Purnagad Fort
Rajapur Ganga
Jaigad Fort - Ratnagiri
Keshavsut Smarak Malgund - Ratnagiri
Jaigad Fort

The 17th century Jaigad fort about 37 KMs from Ratnagiri although in ruins Jaigad Fort is a perfect place to have a picnic perched on a cliff overlooking the confluence of River and the sea.

Sightseeing Around Ratnagiri
'Rajapurchi Ganga' is a set of 14 hot water 'kunds' which gets filled with hot water every 2-3 years. The last occurence was in 2009. Rajapur is about 65 kms from Ratnagiri.

The 'sagar mahamarg' and ferries have opened up lot more sightseeing options Ratmagiri. Malgund just ahead of Ganpatipule is famous for Keshavsut smarak. A ferry across the Jaigad creek gets you to Tavsal from where you could visit Hedvi and Velneshwar. A little ahead of Velneshwar is Guhagar.


Ganpatipule is a small village 26 kms from Ratnagiri town with a series of beaches and vantage points offering some stunning views of the sea. The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, on the Ganapatipule beach itself is the primary attraction in Ganapatipule.

Around Ratnagiri
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