Thibaw Palace

Thibaw Palace was built for the exiled King & Queen of Burma in 1910-11. There is a Sculpture Museum and 3 rooms on the first floor. A short drive away from here is the scenic Thibaw Point.

There are many spots in Ratnagiri city of importance to the tourist. Ratnadurga is the primary attraction of Ratnagiri apart from the beaches. There are historically important places like Tilaks Janmasthan, Patit Pawan Mandir etc also in Ratnagiri. There are two beaches in Ratnagiri and almost everything is around the beaches.

The town of Ratnagiri is pretty small & easy to navigate. Although there are city buses for intra city travel its better to hire a taxi or auto rikshaws.

Thibaw Point - Ratnagiri
Ratnagiri Aquarium
Aquarium And Museum

There is a small aquarium in Ratnagiri city. Main attraction of it is Huge skeleton of a Whale. Unfortunately some visitors to the aquarium have written their names on it spoiling the artefact. There are many specimens of exotic fish and turtles in tanks.

Ratnadurga Fort spread over 120 acres is surrounded by the Arebian Sea from three sides. The fort is located very close to the Ratnagiri town about 4kms from the Ratnagiri bus stand. One could start the Ratnadurga fort tour with a visit to the Bhagwati Mandir thronged by devotees all round the year. A fascinating tunnel connects the north and south divisions of the fort.  There is a Lighthouse which was built in 1867 on 'Siddha Buruj', one of the bastions.
Ratnadurg Fort
Sri Lokmanya Tilak's Janmasthan has been converted into a museum in his honor. It is the house where Lokmanya Tilak spent his first 10 years of his life. The house has been preserved as it is. Its a pleasure to walk barefoot on the cowdung smeared natural flooring. His topi & a few clothes are also on display within the museum.
Sri Lokmanya Tilak's Janmasthan
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Author : Onaiza Josh
Ratnagiri City
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